Amy Schumer Wished She Hadn’t Written ‘Trainwreck’ Following Theater Shooting

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Amy Schumer was devastated after learning that a man had opened fire (killing 2 woman and injuring 9) during a showing of her movie Trainwreck and at one point even wished she hadn’t written the movie at all she tells Vanity Fair in a new interview. “I was laughing before I called her back, because I thought it was going to be like a sex tape [had surfaced] or something. So I was kind of laughing, like ready to … And then she told me there had been this shooting.”

A emotional Schumer continued, “It really … I don’t know. It’s like when the Dark Knight shooting happened, and in Paris. The idea of people trying to go out and have a good time—you know, like looking forward to it?—I don’t know why that makes me the saddest.” She adds while crying, “So my publicist told me. And then I put on the news. I was by myself in a hotel, and I was just like, I wish I never wrote that movie.” She knew the shooting was not her fault but she could not be comforted by friends, “I just felt helpless and stupid,” she said.

She later joined cousin Chuck Schumer to work on ending gun violence.

Photo from PR Photos