Farrah Abraham Denies Being An Escort!

The Hollywood Agency & US Weekley Host Official Afterparty for 'The Wanted' Arrivals and Inside on November 18, 2012

Farrah Abraham is no escort she says! Farrah is slamming reports by ‘friend’ Myla Sinanaj who claims Farrah pays her bills with escort money. “I don’t escort and I never have,” Farrah told OK! via Radar, “I’m not any part of that.” Minaj told Radar that Farrah told her she is a “sugar baby,” and will meet men from a website for a fee. “Farrah basically was like, ‘You have to try this site. I got a guy who’s loaded.’ ” Farrah says Myla is lying, but does admit being approached by escort websites to represent them.“Sugar Daddy websites always are like, ‘Can you be our celebrity face for it?’ Because I’m, like, young, I guess I fit the mold or something,” Farrah told OK!

Are these two girls really fighting or playing everyone and making stuff up just to get a little publicity…wouldn’t put it past them to drum up some drama for their sex tapes sales.

Photo from PR Photos

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