Farrah Abraham: “Really, I’m not that sexually active”

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has been making the rounds discussing the sex tape she never wanted to discuss. Farrah talked to E!News about her decision to sell her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment, I would’ve just been exploited. I [wanted] to put the ball in my court rather than let somebody else do what they want.” She later added, “Really, I’m not that sexually active. She even tweeted that her encounter with porn star James Deen was the “the one time [she had] sex in the past year.”

“The part that I was just extremely unhappy with was, you know, James Deen. I’m experiencing him as a real, normal person and there’s been so many different reports of what he was saying. But I personally texted him and said, ‘You know, why are you talking about my business? What makes you think that that was OK when you know that that should remain private?'” She says he did not apologize for exposing her sex tape plan and text her she shouldn’t be mad. “When you’re upset with somebody who you were, you know, close with and physical with, you don’t want then taking things into their own light and just being selfish—and that’s what he did. And I personally cannot trust anyone now, so who knows if I’ll ever have a relationship, because I don’t trust people.”

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