Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million in Sex Tape Lawsuit!

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Hulk won! Hulk Hogan just won big in his lawsuit against Gawker for posting his sex tape in 2012—to the tune of $115 million bucks. A jury granted the former wrestler $55 million in economic damages and $60 million for emotional distress according to ABC.

Hogan filed a lawsuit against Gawker for $100 million for invasion of privacy after they published a portion of a sex tape they obtained of Hogan in a sex act with his friend Todd Clem’s then-wife in 2012 (it was filmed in 2007 before Hulk’s divorce form Linda Hogan). Hogan says he was unaware he was being recorded during the sexual encounter and says that since the tapes release, “my whole world went upside down.”

Photo from PR Photos