Jersey Shore sex tapes…what’s next?

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Life & Style

Oh God No…there may be a Snooki sex tape out in the world and believe it or not it could be worth in the millions.

Are you surprised that the show, “Jersey Shore” is so popular? I am!!!!

Life & Style asked the”Jersey Shore” Cast a few questions…about sex tapes…

Snooki admits letting cameras roll during some past hookups, long before Jersey Shore started filming — but says she’d never try to cash in on any lost footage. “I don’t want people to watch me doing that,” she says. “It’s a private thing.” Still, she had better be sure the cameras are off when she’s hooking up with anyone new these days. “A sex tape starring Snooki could fetch between $1 million and $3 million,” Steven Hirsch, founder of porn company Vivid Entertainment, tells Life & Style. “It could be considerably more.” Ronnie also admits to having taped past hookups! “I’m pretty sure I already deleted any sex tapes from my phone,” Ronnie says hopefully — but he’s not entirely certain.

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