JLo says halts Ex’s attempt to release nudie video

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Ojani Noa will not get to release his honeymoon video which included a fight with her mom and some little JLo bits) with Jennifer Lopez. I am glad that the judge blocked the release of the video. Ojani seems to want to live off of Jennifer’s name and they divorced more than 10 years ago, Even Chris Judd keeps his mouth shut ( even though he did get a few million for his time). Go away Ojani and get another job or make an original screenplay and not one based on your marriage to Jennifer.

According to E!,

Sharpie-loving Judge James Chalfant today granted a temporary injunction against Noa and his agent, Ed Meyer, barring them from distributing the rumored nudity-containing footage in any forum.

“They may not publish it for any reason,” Chalfant said. “Anywhere, anytime, anyhow…without further court order. If they do, they go to jail.”

Because the injunction is, for the time being, temporary, Lopez’s lawyer, Jay Lavely, is expected to return to court to make it permanent. He told E! News he will be doing so immediately, but not before making clear that, keen to block the tape as they were, there is nothing untoward about the footage.

In fact, Lavely stressed that “there wasn’t anything even close” to a sex tape in Noa’s possession. As for what dirt he did have on Lopez…

“It’s private and personal, but it wasn’t a sex tape. They are innocent and they have been misrepresented…to increase value and media attention.”

Well, it worked.

As for Lopez, though she wasn’t present for today’s hearing, she will be required to post a $50,000 bond in the event that the order against Noa and Meyer is dissolved in order to compensate them for potential “lost profits.”

“It’s like insurance,” Lavely said.

Though it’s apparently going to take more than the promise of a payout and a court injunction to end Noa’s less than noble quest to get his threatened mockumentary to the public.

“We’re going to fight it,” Noa told E! News after the hearing. “It’s not about the money. It’s about my life.”

It is about money…not your life, because your life does not include Jennifer Lopez and hasn’t included her for years. Get a job doing something else!

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