Judge Orders Jennifer Lopez’s Sex Tape Be Placed in Safe Deposit Box!

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Early this morning it was reported that Jennifer Lopez’s sex tape (not really a sex tape) had been stolen. But now the hard drive is safe and sound at a safe deposit box at a bank after a judge ordered it be placed there! At least its somewhere neutral!

According to E!,

A judge today put the kibosh on the release of the singer’s “sex” tape, ordering Ojani Noa’s business partner, Ed Meyer, to turn over the footage to the court so the juicy tapes can be locked in a safe deposit box at the City National Bank in Century City, Calif., and never see the light of day.

The holder of the most-super-important key in all the world will be with Lopez’s lawyer, Jay Lavely.

“The parties agree that all home video in Mr. Meyer’s possession, custody and control will be delivered here today and placed in a sealed envelope,” Lopez’s attorney told the court today.

Meyer turned over all the videos (not technically a “sex” tape, but rather nudity over more 27 hours’ worth of footage) to be placed inside, and he tells E! he has no problem with handing them over.

“Now there is an evidentiary chain,” he said. “Before they just wanted me to hand it over to Jay Lavely and he would just put it in a drawer. We went with a bank so people will be photographed coming in and out and there is no tampering.”

Before being placed in the box, the tape will be made available for Lopez, her lawyers, Noa’s gal-pal Claudia Vazquez (who’s been the one hawking the video) and Meyer to view at Lavely’s office.

Why don’t they give it up on this sex tape thing?

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