Kendra’s Sex Tape…Out Now…”Broke Her Heart”

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Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape is out now and I do feel bad for Kendra, but she made her mark in a sex industry and she dated a fool so what can you expect! Poor Kendra and Hank…at least she is making some money for her woes and Hank is still by her side!

According to E!, This is what Kendra has to say about the tape…via her show,

“It bothers me because people are going to judge me and stuff,” Kendra says in a sneak peek of the May 31 season finale of her E! show. “I just hope to God nobody looks at me like a porn star or something. I just hope they don’t press play because that’s not me. I mean, that was me, but that’s not me now.”

“It broke my heart because how can you do that when I have a baby?” laments Kendra. “I have a kid. I have a husband. It just sucks. It’s the hardest thing to deal with right now, and it’s hard on Hank [Baskett]. It’s hard on him because it involves another guy and it’s hard on him because of our son.”

“He’s doing a good job because he’s understanding,” she says. “He’s like, ‘Kendra, we just have to hold our heads high because, yeah, we’re going to get attacked, but we can’t run. We have to hold hands and walk through this and face this fact.’ It’s going to be really hard. It’s going to probably be the hardest time of our lives.”

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