“Green” hair color?

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Lately there has been a flood of green and eco-friendly products, so I knew one day it would enter the hair color world. Advanced Cosmetic Technologies (ACT) has created the first and only 100% plant based permanent hair color (PPD free). They claim to have an all natural hair color all while maintaining vibrancy. Since the color has no bleach or peroxide, it does not lift your color only enhances the color you already have…you will not end up with a lighter shade. The products combine 100% plant-based dyes with RBE-Colors (Renewable Botanical Enviro-Colors) the patent-pending technology that allows the color to bond with the hair shaft without using harmful, synthetic chemicals commonly found in other hair colors. I think its cool how these companies are coming up with new and innovative ways to maintain a healthy body and environment. This product is great for someone who has dark hair and wants to enhance it but you have dark hair and want to go blonder…you may not get the result you want from this hair color.

The hair color kit is $29.99

Also safe during pregnancy/nursing and cancer survivors.

Photo from Advanced Cosmetic Technology

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