Katy Perry To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show

2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
It’s official…Katy Perry will headline the PEPSI SUPER BOWL XLIX HALFTIME SHOW on NBC in University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on Sunday, February 1, 2015. And Katy confirmed the news on Twitter during the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game. She is currently in Australia where she is on her Prismatic World Tour

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Ex-NBC Exec Claims He Concealed Bill Cosby Exploits, Paid Off Women!

7th Annual "Stand Up For Heroes" Event - Arrivals

Former Bill Cosby friend and NBC exec Frank Scotti reveals he concealed many trysts and indiscretions that the comedian threw his way. Scotti says he has now come forward after the recent series of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Cosby. “I felt sorry for the women,” Scotti, 77 told The Daily News. …read full article…

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2014 American Music Awards Livestream — Watch Now!

Check out the 2014 American Music Awards live feed of the Coca Cola Red Carpet Live! Preshow action at this year’s American Music Awards hosted by Lance Bass, Jordin Sparks, Taryn Manning and Franke Grande.

Cameron Diaz: Raps On “Back Home Ballers” With SNL Ladies

Saturday Night Live - Season 40


The ladies of Saturday Night Live took host Cameron Diaz under their wing in the hilarious Thanksgiving sketch called “Back Home Ballers” about the joys of coming home for the holidays, presumably from college, and being spoiled by your parents. The ladies truly transform into entitled teenie poppers…hopefully we’ll get to see these more of these sketches…kinda reminds me of Andy Samberg’s digital shorts (which are sorely missed). …read full article…

Katy Perry Slams Australian Paparazzi For Harassing Her!

MOCA's 35th Anniversary Gala Presented by Louis Vuitton - Arrivals

Katy Perry has been touring Australia as she takes her Prismatic World Tour  down under, but she recently had a run-in with the Australian press or shall I say paparazzi that left the pop star fuming. Katy took to Twitter to show her utter disgust at the paps, “Australian PRESS: you should be ashamed of your paparazzi & tabloid culture. Your paparazzi have no respect, no integrity, no character. NO HUMANITY. I was stalked by many grown men today as I tried to take a quiet walk to the beach. These men would not stop as I pleaded over & over to let me have my space.”  …read full article…

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Big Sean And Ariana Grande Get Kissy In New Photo!

#repost me & my baby :)

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Finally these lovebirds are making it Instagram official. After a ton of innuendos and obvious hints Big Sean posted a very intimate looking photo with his lady love Ariana Grande.The adorable couple dressed to the nines possibly for Ariana’s A Very Grammy Christmas special. Ariana loved the love from her man and reposted the image writing, “#repost me & my baby :).” Its all very cute! Will they hit the AMAs together? …read full article…

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Boston Woman Starts Gig As Rihanna Look-a-alike

Rihanna look-a-like

Boston woman Andele Lara looks a lot like international superstar Rihanna and she is using the resemblance to her advantage. The 22-year-old beauty is often mistake for the Bajan beauty and is getting PAID thousands to endorse products all for looking like Rihanna. …read full article…

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Beyonce Puts Her Booty To Work In “7/11″ Video

Beyonce put her booty to work in her new music video for “7/11″ which looks like a cool home video, shot by Bey herself. The video showcases a goofy Beyonce and a bunch of her friends dancing to “7/11″ in their undies mostly. There is alot of booty popping and a little twerking.  The home video turned music video shows Bey like never before, not the fierce woman we have grown to see, but a softer sillier side of Beyonce. LOVE IT!

The Platinum Edition of Beyoncé drops on November 24th.

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Ryan Gosling Gets Temporary Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

57th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival - "White Shadow" Screening
Now that Ryan Gosling is a daddy, he’s got a lot more to protect. He was granted a temporary restraining order against alleged stalker claiming to be his “twin flame” or “twin soul.” The alleged stalker, Grace Marie Del Villar has been stalking Gosling and his family, including his mother Donna Gosling and his sister Mandi Gosling. Del Villar, who is from NY has “harassed and stalked and sought to have personal contact with” with the actor and his family. …read full article…

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Harry Styles Did Not Send Taylor Swift 1989 Roses

41st Annual American Music Awards - Arrivals

Harry Styles may have been the inspiration for at least one song on Taylor Swift’s new album 1989, by the British boy bander denies sending his famous ex one thousand nine hundred eighty-nine roses after the release of her album. But no the romatic gesture never happened…at least not from him. Harry and his fellow One Direction band mates stopped by Ellen and slammed the rumor. “I know about the rumor, I don’t know anything about the roses. I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely gotten credit for it.” …read full article…

Celebrities | Nov 21

The Queen Latifah Show Cancelled…Abruptly!

"Joyful Noise" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

The Queen Latifah Show has been cancelled mid-season (not even mid-season…). The show currently in season 2 production has been halted infidelity according to TMZ. It’s unclear why the cancellation happened so suddenly but sources say the staff were brought into an office on Friday morning and were delivered the blow—the show was cancelled immediately although they were not specific if it was due to ratings or costs.  Accoridng to THR the ratings were not that great for CBS! …read full article…

Taylor Swift’s Mystery Belly Button?


Have you ever thought about Taylor Swift’s belly button, me neither, but allegedly its a mystery and no one’s ever seen it —at least not publicly! Taylor spoke with Lucky Magazine about keeping her belly button mysterious!“I don’t like showing my belly button. When you start showing your belly button then you’re really committing to the midriff thing. I only partially commit to the midriff thing—you’re only seeing lower rib cage. I don’t want people to know if I have one or not.” …read full article…

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Jennifer Aniston Talks Transforming For ‘Cake’ Role

"Horrible Bosses 2" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Jennifer Aniston looked fabulous at the L.A. premiere for Horrible Bosses 2 and she showed off those amazing legs of her on the red carpet, but it was her role in Cake that had the media in a frenzy. Remember those rumors earlier this year that Aniston was pregnant well it was just weight gain for the role,  where she plays a woman with chronic pain after a car accident, she revealed. At a recent screening for Cake she dished on her transformation.  “I basically just didn’t work out for two-and-a-half months. I stopped working out and I stopped being as careful about my diet as I normally am. I was still healthy, but I’d allow more.”

Photo from PR Photos


Penelope Cruz Nabs Role In ‘Zoolander 2’?

2012 Los Angeles Film Festival - "To Rome with Love" - Arrivals

Penelope Cruz better have her blue steel model stare down pact since she has allegedly signed on to star against Ben Stiller in Zoolander 2 according to Deadline. And get excited because the sequel could bring back old favorites like Will Ferrell as Mugatu and Owen Wilson as Zoolander’s supermodel rival Hansel. …read full article…

‘Parks and Recreation’ Bringing Back Rob Lowe And Rashida Jones For Final Season!

Parks and Recreation - Season 5

Parks and Recreation will be bringing back fan favorites Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones for the final season of the show. Chris and Ann left Pawnee and relocated to Michigan to be closer to her family, and start a family. Ann–Rashida that is– made an appearance after she gave birth to their son, Oliver.  …read full article…

ABC Scared Of Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea’s AMA Booty Performance?

Jennifer & Iggy
First Charlie Hunnam now Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea are scaring people from their TV’s. No just kidding or am I? According to TMZ, ABC is nervous of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s voluptuous booties which will take the stage this weekend for the American Music Awards and perform their sexy song, “Booty” and will plan a 3-4 second delay just in case! AND there are a few rules…no rubbing or exposing butt cracks. …read full article…

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Ryan Gosling Turned Down ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title?

"Crazy, Stupid, Love." New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Why has Ryan Gosling never been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive? Well its pretty simple…he turned down the title. Some people were in an uproar when Chris Hemsworth was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive and yet Ryan had been passed over. Well, Ryan was not into being the Sexiest Man Alive according to a new report. …read full article…

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Kim Kardashian Says Her “Body Is Better” After Baby!


Kim Kardashian is revered for her body…emphasis on her booty and the fashionista thinks her body is now even better after having her daughter, North telling Australia’s 2Day FM that she thinks she has “an even better body after having the baby than I did before…and I’m very confident about that.” And what about that nude Paper Magazine photos…she says its a little body celebration until the next baby comes, it “was just a little token before I have to go through it [pregnancy] again.” …read full article…

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Gabrielle Union Named SensatioNail First-Ever Celebrity Brand Ambassador

Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Gabrielle Union has joined nail polish brand, SensatioNail as their first-ever celebrity Brand Ambassador and creative advisor. “As a true gel-fanatic, I’m thrilled to partner with SensatioNail, the leader in at-home gel manicures,” Gabrielle said of the new partnership. “With 60 beautiful shades and the exclusive LED lamp, SensatioNail is the real deal and I can’t wait to share all that’s to come from our partnership with women around the country.” …read full article…

Rihanna Close To Signing Deal With Puma!

41st Annual American Music Awards - Press Room

Rihanna is a fashion icon, let’s be honest. She loves to make a splash on the red carpet and we are thiiiiis close to stealing her style. According to Confidenti@l, RiRi is close to signing a seven-figure deal with Puma to design sneakers and clothes for a “lifestyle” line (maybe similar to Beyonce’s lifestyle clothing deal).’She is going to have her own coordinator to go to at Puma who only handles her, and they’ll have a junior coordinator helping them. The focus is shoes, but she will also be helping with pants and tops.” …read full article…

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