Beauty Don’t of the Week: Beyonce

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I love Beyonce so much, but her hair is just a little too big and frizzy. I know she is going for a “look” but this one is not good. She has had so many great looks. I don’t like when she has this hairstyle. I know its stage hair and it has a certain effect but still…I like glamour Beyonce. Beauty Don’t…Don’t let the frizz take over your face. Tame the frizz if you have it. I have it and I do all I can to tame the frizz, I will never embrace it. Beyonce can do it and it can be ok and if I were to do it I would look like a Loca (crazy).

Who likes the metal glove? Is that something you would rock or is it something only a celeb could do?

Image from INF

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