Dry Conditioner…who knew!?

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I have heard of dry shampoos, they for those who need an extra day from their blowout or to tame their greasies (yes, I made up that word). But I haven’t heard of dry conditioners. Dry conditioners are actually made to combat the funny reside and matte feeling left from the dry shampoo. Dry shampoos actually leave you hair without shine so the dry conditioner is supposed to give your hair back some shine. While I think these products are great for a one day hair (blowout) extensions, I’m not too convinced of the “Dry” products. I did try a dry shampoo and it left my hair the same (I had greasy hair) and it added a funny scent, so I didn’t like that too much. I haven’t tried the dry conditioner, but since it adds shine I think it would be good to shine touchups or help if you have dry ends. I think that the dry conditioner is a better idea. Check out the T3 Orlando Pita Renew Dry Conditioner below…

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