Kat Von D’s Relationship To Jesse James Lives On…Via TV!

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Kat Von D and Jesse James’ relationship may have ended but their love lives on via TLC’s L.A. Ink…how tragic! We get to see Kat fall in love with Jesse all while knowing they have already broken up…no fairy tale ending here!

“Kat wants to show that this was a fairy tale and that she was truly in love,” the TLC show’s executive producer Gil Lopez tells PEOPLE. “Unfortunately, [the split] happened, but there have been no re-edits.”

Von D, 29, who Tweeted on Thursday that she feels “weak” about the failed relationship, is seen on the show with James, 42, in happier times.

“We had access to this relationship,” Lopez says. “We stayed on [Jesse’s] property. We were in Baja with them and we got it all and show that that they were truly in love.”

Even though the season focuses on the duo’s good times (Von D professes her love to James by tattooing his 7th grade picture on her body), viewers will not be left with unanswered questions about what led to the relationship’s demise.

“We’re going to hear how that romance started,” Lopez explains. “We’re going to hear how he proposed to her and we’re going to hear how they got to the point where they are up to now.”

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