New Video: Taylor Swift – “Ours”

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Taylor Swift has been on an awards roll this year, she was awarded the Woman of the Year Award from Billboard along with Nicki Minaj for Rising Star.

Taylor & Nicki told reporters ( via USAToday),

“I get to wear this beautiful dress and go to this wonderful event. It’s an amazing way to end what’s really been an incredible year.”

Minaj said, “There’s always a little ounce of doubt in everything. I’ve had a lot of doors closed in my face. I’m no different than any other struggling artist; I just tried one last time.”

Swift added that she’s a huge Minaj fan: “She’s one of my favorite artists to come along in the past couple of years, and Super Bass is my favorite song of the year.

“I never feel entitled to play another sold-out show or to win another award,” Swift responded. “The women in this room know that you really have to work for everything you get.”

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