Deion Sanders’ Son Chimes in On Sister & Stepmother Feud!

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Yesterday we got to see just how Deiondra Sanders felt about her stepmother, Pilar…in nice words…she is not cool about what Pilar is saying about her father, Deion and now Deion Jr is dishing…he apologized for his sister’s rant but then he defends her and tells her he is proud of her (these are not Pilar’ children, of course)!

Check out the tweets spotted at The YBF,

The Deiondra/Pilar feud has been brewing for a  while now and she says that Pilar is just interested in fame and she has  cheated with younger guys according to RadarOnline!

“Deiondra knows all about the young guys that Pilar has been cheating with … [she] knows her stepmother cheats, but was waiting for her dad to come to his senses and leave her,” our source said. “She didn’t want to tell her dad what his wife was doing, she just hoped he would see it.”

“Pilar treats the older kids from Deion’s first marriage very differently than her own, she won’t let them come home and stay unless their father is there,” the insider told us, noting Deion’s older kids “never liked [Pilar] because she was his mistress for years while their parents were married.”

Our insider told us Deiondre takes issue with Pilar’s hunger for the limelight.

“Pilar wants to be famous, and it’s just not good enough to be Deion Sanders’ wife,” the insider said. “She wants to be a singer and model, and that is what she is focused on. Often, the younger kids don’t eat dinner because she’s out on a school night.”

The insider said tension between Pilar and Deiondre exploded during Deion’s induction into the Hall of Fame last summer in a spat over seating arrangements, as Deiondre said Pilar barked at her, “Don’t you f***ing start with me!”

Who do you believe Deiondra or Pilar?

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