‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Joseline Reveals Status of Pregnancy! Stevie J & Lil Scrappy Fight?

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is becoming the biggest thing on VH1, step aside Basketball Wives! Mimi is done with Stevie…so far after the problem with Joseline….being pregnant with Stevie J’s baby! Lil Scrappy talks with his mom, Dee about Stevie disrespecting his baby’s mother, Erica at the club and for calling her a B**ch. Scrappy wants to fight Stevie. Do they…

Joseline confesses that she had an abortion and is feeling down, Stevie made her breakfast though, what a guy (that’s sarcasm!). Stevie stops by Mimi’s home and they start to have a heated arguement. Mimi feels like Stevie didn’t defend her and he got Joseline pregnant! Stevie confesses to Mimi that Joseline got an abortion. Mimi is done with Stevie (for now?).

Joseline and Stevie chit chat in the dance studio. Erica brings Lil Scrappy to see Stevie at the recording studio and then Stevie apologizes but Scrappy is not having it. Joseline gets in the middle and starts to argue with Erica and are in each other’s faces (Joseline accuses Erica of sleeping with Stevie). Scrappy and Stevie get to throw some fists before security breaks them up. Then Stevie and Scrappy start fighting again and Joseline is pushed on the floor. Scrappy’s mouth is bleeding and Stevie has some facial bruises. Joseline seems to have hit a nerve with these guys.

Stevie tells Joseline he did not sleep with Erica and they make up…till next week!

Can I ask, does every plot line revolve around Stevie?

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