South African Police Apologize to Paris Hilton For Marijuana Mishap!

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Paris Hilton was was allegedly caught with marijuana, but she said it wasn’t hers and now the South African Police agree with her and have apologized. Do you believe her or do you think one of her friends took the fall for her. I always wonder about people who try to take drugs from one country to another…like do you think you aren’t going to get caught…like those TV shows that show people trying to smuggle drugs…its crazy!

PH hanging in a private jet!

According to RadarOnline,

Paris Hilton’s Los Angeles-based rep says she’s in the clear, after she was detained for smoking marijuana.

“I can confirm that the incident was a complete misunderstanding and it was actually another person in the group who did it,” her rep Dawn Miller told

“The case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made.

“The authorities have apologized for wrongfully accusing her since she had nothing to do with the incident.”

Hilton was ordered to appear before a special court sanctioned to deal with World Cup crime.

There, the heiress was reportedly told police had dropped their complaint.

However, one person in Hilton’s group pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay a small fine.

Hilton reportedly entered the courtroom in Port Elizabeth with a group of friends wearing an off-white sleeveless blouse. Her hair was in pigtails and she had heavy black eyeliner.

Said Hilton’s rep, “Paris is having an incredible time at the World Cup.”

Photo from PR Photos/TwitPic

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