What The Bag Tax?!!

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A few months ago I heard that NY was possibly going to have a plastic bag tax (5 cents/bag). They said it was for environmental reasons (which would be noble) but I think it’s about the MONEY! I think the gov’t wants to tax me for everything (soon there may be a breathing tax). Maybe they should make more stuff recyclable. I am guilty of using the dreaded plastic bag…I don’t always know when I am going to the supermarket and I forget my little totes. I need to buy more. But this wouldn’t just be in supermarkets but in department stores as well.  I don’t know about bringing my totes into the mall from store to store. I’m all about being environmentally friendly, but is this the way? Maybe all the stores should use brown/paper bags…problem solved.

Would you pay the bag tax or buy reusable totes (and take them everywhere you go)?



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