Kate Hudson Calls Oprah Her Body Inspiration

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Kate Hudson may be our body goal, but she’s got her own body positivity inspo—-Oprah!! In a new interview with Vogue the actress says she looks at Oprah as someone who is ‘that woman’ for her.  “I’m going to give the really obvious answer to that, which to me is Oprah. I just think she is forever, that woman. You want to do the healthy thing, but you know what? Women fluctuate. We give birth to children and carry them and breastfeed them, some of us. We are busy and we’re trying to work. Women’s bodies are very different than male bodies; the way that we store fat is different, and the way that we lose fat is different. We’re always trying to keep up—and then some of us give up, which is what we don’t want to do.”

Kate is right…women are so different and we should get inspo from everywhere. Kate is all about working out and eating healthy. “My whole thing is bodies are so different. We all set these standards of what we think is the perfect body, but we should be changing the dialogue to what makes you feel good.” Kate credits her early exposure to dance for her lifelong commitment to fitness.

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