3-D Holiday Shopping…Technology to the next level!

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taylor-swift-instyle-december-1For the month of December, Instyle Magazine has brought it…to a whole nother level! (I don’t know if nother is a real word but it sounded good). Have you picked up the newest issue of Instyle with Taylor Swift on it, there is a great new thing in it called Gifting in 3-D. Shop in 3D from 25 Brands- from Chanel to Intel- including beauty, tech, and fashion.”Gifting in 3D” employs augmented reality technology to create a fun and engaging new way to shop.

How Gifting in 3D works:

– Log on to InStyle.com/Giftingin3D

– Hold the pages up to your webcam

– Shop the holidays in 3D!

Instyle is  also giving away $1000 Shopping Spree in NYC…cool…I wish I could win that! And expect to find deals, messages, and product suggestions from spectacular brands including: YSL, Neiman Marcus, Chanel, DVF, HP, and MORE!

Ok,  so you don’t have the magazine, don’t worry Instyle still loves you…just print the Trigger Page and hold the page up to the webcam. Go  to the site Instyle and its right there after the …Watch the 3-D Gift Guide.

I don’t have a webcam…I have to borrow a laptop that has a webcam…kinda sad for me!!

**Gifting in 3D features the first augmented reality ads offering a click-to-buy experience. Each brand comes to life on screen through a customized, branded gift box that springs open to reveal a 30-second video, as the screen displays up to 10 items for gift-giving, including special offers and a chance to win a $1000 Shopping Spree in NYC!

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