Is 30 Rock Ending Next Year?

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Is 30 Rock coming to an end in 2012…Alec Baldwin says yes and NBC says what? Alec Baldwin made a comment during an interview with that his contract is up next year and possibly he and Tina Fey would depart and NBC said, who said that? Uh Oh!!

According to TV Line,

“I will tell you one thing,” Baldwin told “And that is our show next year is our last year of the show. Our contracts are expired [in 2012], and Tina is gonna have a big career directing films and writing. She’s going to be the next Elaine May. She’ll be great.”

While it’s true that Fey and Baldwin’s contacts are up in May 2012, an NBC insider insists, “We have had no conversations about 30 Rock ending next season.”

Photo from NBC

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