Adrienne Bailon Finally Getting Rid Of Rob Kardashian Tattoo!

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Adrienne Bailon Launches "Fingertip Fetish" at ModaListas in New York City on May 23, 2013

Adrienne Bailon is finally removing the final remnants of her relationship with Rob Kardashian after a whopping six years since thier split. In a crazy and young move Adrienne and Rob both got tattoos of each other’s names on thier bodies, but a tatt couldn’t keep the love alive and the pair split. For the past few years Adrienne had been trying to have her Rob butt tattoo removed with the least amount of damage but to no avail—until she met  Dr. Jeremy Brauer of New York who will use the PicoSure Laser. Adrienne told Extra, “I’m excited, anxious, excited more than anything. I think I’ve waited a long time, long enough, to have this officially gone.”

Thankfully her boyfriend of 5 years Lenny from Roc Nation has been understanding,  “It’s great that he’s somebody that wants it gone, but not in a selfish way. He wants it to be done right, and it won’t be something that will damage my skin and I’ll be scarred for life.”

And she’s been trying to get rid of Rob…the tattoo for years but the removal process had not worked.  “What I love about the PicoSure Laser is that it can work on people who already attempted to remove their tattoos and it hasn’t worked before… I’m excited to see how this works. I know it won’t be completely gone in one session, but that there will be a drastic change.”

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