#AlexFromTarget So Real Or Real Fake?

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Going viral is insane these days and guess what it might not always be as organic as you think. Recently a photo of a young teenage guy working at Target went viral, like overnight, but people soon began to wonder if Alex was real or a Target Market ploy. Turns out Alex Lee is real but he had no clue that a company had used his image for a marketing campaign to see just how fast could someone become famous via social media.

The company behind the campaign and the hashtag #AlexfromTarget is the startup, Breakr. And guess who they used to make the photo go viral…the best fan base…young girls or their fangirl followers on Twitter. Alex is not linked to the company…his overnight fame was just a sidenote in the social experiment. But he did land on Ellen…score! And Target was also not in on the marketing ploy…or were they…you never know! But they deny any affiliation.

I kinda love the experiment, it is a sign of the times. Alex’s twitter follower has skyrocketed from a little under 200 to 590,000.

Via ABC and ET

Photo from Twitter

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