Amanda Bynes Tweets “I’m Not Crazy,” Spotted at Indoor Trampoline Park?

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Amanda at Skyzone

Amanda Bynes is not crazy…in the middle of Twitter beefs and drug use denials she tweeted,”I’m Not Crazy.” It is unclear if she was responding to a story about her but her lawyer Richard Hutton (not working on the bong case) does say that she is a ‘fine’ and the allegations are “exaggerated,” along with TMZ reporting that her drug case may be dropped for insufficient evidence. Amanda even acknowldged teh article was almost right except…”@TMZ: Amanda Bynes — COPS GOT NOTHING … When It Comes to Drugs” This is the first correct article except for one huge mistake! NOTHING was thrown out the window! I didn’t throw anything out of the window! For them to say “she confessed to throwing a vase out of the window” is false and illegal!”

A girl that really looks like Amanda did have some fun yesterday she was spotted bouncing around in an indoor trampoline park called,  Skyzone (not sure where) yesterday in her brown wig. Is it her?

Photo from Twitter 

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