‘American Idol’ Diva Haley Reinhart Lands Interscope Recording Deal!

This year’s American Idol competition was a rough race with Scotty winning, but in that competition we saw a true gem (at least to me) in Haley…she was spicy, tough and talented and now she is signed to Interscope along with Pia Toscano (who already has a song out). Go Haley! Sometimes not winning is better than actually winning!

She’s weird and she’s wonderful — and now she’s got a record deal, too! American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart has officially been signed to 19 Entertainment/Interscope Records, a rep for the label confirms. Haley, who slinked and growled her way through constant criticism and into third place during the most recent season of Idol, is currently working on a debut album.

The deal marks yet another achievement in what has been a particularly good year for Idol contestants who didn’t take the crown. Runner-up Lauren Alaina was quickly signed to Mercury Nashville Records following the completion of the show, and ninth-place finisher Pia Toscano, who, like Haley, nabbed an Interscope deal, has already released a debut single, “This Time.”

This deal makes a lot of sense: Adele is dominant right now, and in the wake of Amy Winehouse’s tragic death, people are all the more reminded that they enjoy female singers with a good bit of raspy soul. Haley Reinhart would fit right into that niche.

Via EW

Photo from FOX

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