‘American Idol’: Heejun Han Eliminated!

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We all saw it coming, even Heejun Han saw the elimination coming! Heejun seemed to make a joke of everything and last week he even seemed to know that his time was limited. He may have upped his performance but it just was not enough. Now instead of gracefully bowing out Heejun still had jokes…or did he? He told The Insider, that he loves everyone on the show.

“I was rooting for Jeremy, Sharon or Erika … but [that] didn’t happen so I’m not gonna root any for now. I’m just gonna watch The Voice.” He also said guest mentor, Diddy was ‘kinda drunk when we were having our mentor session.’ And while Heejun lavished this week’s guest mentor, Stevie Nicks, with endless compliments, he advised all famous future helpers, ‘You do not wanna be drunk when you’re coming to American Idol session, OK?’ Naturally, the Idol publicist was less than thrilled by these comments and Heejun got pulled aside for a talking to after our interview. But that hasn’t stopped him from bringing the one-man stand-up routine to Twitter this morning, joking with choreographers Tabitha & Napoleon that their Michael Jackson dance is what got him eliminated from the competition.”

OMG This Guy!!

Photo from FOX

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