Anderson Cooper Blasts Star Jones Over Coming Out Ratings Ploy Comments!

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Anderson Cooper has kept his private life private for most of his journalistic career until recently when he revealed he was gay…well Star Jones thinks Cooper’s coming out was a ratings ploy for his show, Anderson Live…and he took offense to that! On a recent episode of his show he said,

“Star Jones said this was a ratings ploy by me to boost ratings,” Anderson complained. “If I were wanting to boost ratings, I would have waited to announce it on a very special episode. I was in Africa on assignment for 60 Minutes!”

“I seem to recall her hocking her wedding every single day to get free products when she was on The View,” he said of Star. “I seem to recall her lying about her gastric-bypass surgery and making everybody else lie about it as well. So for her to suddenly emerge out of the shadows and suddenly attack me for this, I couldn’t believe it.”

Star Jones did have a rebuttal on Twitter…”I was wrong. @andersoncooper didn’t come out as a ratings ploy. He used ME talking about him coming out @todayshow as a ratings ploy. #mybad.”

I don’t think so…

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