Angelina Jolie Defends Daughters Style

39558, VENICE, ITALY - Friday April 16, 2010. Brad Pitt's parents, William and Jane, go for an outing with grandkids Shiloh, Pax, Maddox, and Zahara in Venice, Italy. Maddox and Shiloh take turns jumping around, with Shiloh looking adorable in her striped sailor outfit (complete with white jeans!) while the equally fashionable Zahara is seen holding onto a Hello Kitty clutch that looks a little too large for her tiny frame! Pax holds onto grandpa William's hand as the family enjoys a nice day in Venice, with mother Angelina Jolie filming scenes for The Tourist. Photograph:

Shiloh Jolie Pitt has a little style all her own…she just wants to be one of the boys! Mom Angelina is just rolling with the punches with little Shiloh…the little lady knows what she wants…I would love to see her in some dresses though!

“I have a very strong-willed four-year-old girl who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is,” the actress tells the British mag Grazia. “I think people think kids should be a certain way, but I feel they should wear what they feel like wearing and they should express themselves.”

As for her little one’s locks, the mother of six adds: “Shiloh cried one night and said, ‘Please cut my hair off. I don’t want to have long hair.’ I’m not going to leave it long just because somebody thinks I should.”

So far only Zahara is a girly girl and baby Vivienne is too young to know! Shiloh even sported some swim trunks at the pool earlier this week.