Angelina Jolie: “I’m still a bad girl!”…But Only for Brad!

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Angelina Jolie sits down with 60 Minutes this weekend and discusses her her darker days when she used drugs and is feels lucky she is still alive.

“I went through heavy, darker times and I survived them,” the Oscar winner, 36, tells 60 Minutes in a show airing Sunday.

“I didn’t die young, so I’m very lucky. There are other artists and people who didn’t survive certain things.”

Asked what those “certain things” were, Jolie declined to go into specifics.

“I think people can imagine that I did the most dangerous and I did the worst, and for many reasons I shouldn’t be here,” she says. “You think of those too many times where you came close to too many dangerous things, too many chances taken too far.”

“I’m still a bad girl. I still have that side of me,” she says. “It’s just in its place now. … It belongs to Brad.”

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