Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Fighting Over Money?

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore  are headed to divorce that’s a given but now the fight is over the money and how they will divide their fortune, especially Ashton’s ‘Two and a Half Men” money.

Sure, hearing your husband has allegedly been très flirtatious on the set is an annoyance, but it’s definitely not Demi Moore’s top concern—at least not when it comes to her impending divorce from hubby Ashton Kutcher.

Despite the rumors circulating about why exactly the two are splitting (and rumors that Ash was less than faithful during their marriage), a source close to the couple tells us that Demi and Ashton have something else on their mind that…

The paycheck, of course.

“I don’t hear this is about chicks,” the source says. “We all know it’s about the money.”

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, there’s a lot of money to divide up.

Especially on Ashton’s end, what with that multi-million dollar Two and a Half Men deal. Now it’s just a matter of how much he’s willing to dole out to his soon-to-be ex wife.

Remember, a source in-the-know about high-power divorces and that sort of legal mumbo jumbo told E! News that “if he were smart, I think he would want to do this quietly. He doesn’t want everything that he has [allegedly] done to be disclosed in the media.”

And not just stuff that’s been hinted at in the rag mags, ’cause both of the two know tons of daring, Vicey secrets about each other that—so far—they’ve kept their lips sealed on.

Wonder how long that’ll last? Here’s hoping these two can work it out cordially. We all know how nasty some people can get when (big) money gets involved.

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