Photos of Ashton Kutcher & Sara Leal Surface Amid Cheating Scandal!

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Ashton Kutcher’s rocky relationship may take a terrible turn…photos of Ashton have been spotted in Star Magazine, where Ashton is seem with Sara in a hotel and they look like they are partying! It doesn’t look good for Ashton.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s embattled marriage has been dealt a deathblow with photos of Ashton’s cheating ways — from inside the San Diego penthouse where he bedded mistress Sara Leal — splashed across the cover of Star magazine.

The Hollywood power couple’s marriage is under severe strain as it heads toward a $290 million divorce, as previously reported.

The telling photos were taken in the wee hours of September 24 — ironically, Ashton and Demi’s sixth wedding anniversary — just before the Two and a Half Men star took 23-year-old Sara for a private party in his bedroom at the Hard Rock Hotel.

What’s more, in a world exclusive Star has obtained pictures revealing Sara’s hard partying ways — kissing girls and heavy drinking.

Sara was “always a party girl on the hunt for a rich man to pay her bills,” a friend reveals to Star — which is on newsstands Thursday. “She kind of throws herself at people.”

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