Ashton Kutcher Tells Charlie Sheen “Dude, shut the f–k up!”

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Ashton Kutcher stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and finally addressed Charlie Sheen beef with him…even after three years on Two and A Half Men. Just last month Sheen tweeted,  “quit barfing on my old brilliant show.” And finally Jimmy asked about Charlie Sheen. “Every day when you go into work, do they say, thank you for not being Charlie?” Ashton answered,”I’m trying to like skew towards where Charlie was there, when he left. Like, I’m just trying to like edge in that direction. Dude, shut the f–k up! Seriously, like. Enough already. Like it’s like three years later and you’re still blowing me up on Twitter. Like come on dude, really?”

 And of course Charlie responded in Twitter…with an apology!”Ashton message received. so sorry u sounded like me! well done! my bad I was pissed at other crap & took it out on you. hope u r good xox c”


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