Attack of a Celebrity Bridezilla…Jenna Fischer!!

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Who would have thought that sweet ole Jenna Fischer would be a bridezilla? Not me…I love my little Pammy…from ‘The Office’. I am a late arrival to The Office, I just started really watching it and I love it. I had seen a few episode every once in a while, but now I am such a hard core fan.

Jenna was on the Bonnie Hunt Show and explained her new bridezilla like behavior (via People),

“I thought I was going to be one of those easy-going brides,” Fischer, 35, tells Bonnie Hunt in an interview to air Thursday. “I never really thought about it. Whatever … a piece of paper, words – send it out.”

“Three hours I sat there with the all the books,” she says. “I turned into a crazy person. My fiancé was like, ‘What about the slap it on the piece of paper with crayon and send it out?’ But now I’m poring over the paper quality!”

Photo from Shape

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