Beverly Johnson Explains Her Decision To Share Bill Cosby Incident!

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Supermodel Beverly Johnson has come forward to explain why she decided to come forward now and reveal that she too had her own incident with Bill Cosby. The model reveals in an essay with Vanity Fair that Cosby lured her to his home on the premise of landing a part of his hit show, The Cosby Show and then drugged her. Although Johnson says that Cosby did not assault her, the intentions were there but she fought against him as the realized she had been drugged and he dragged her out of his home.

At first Johnson kept the secret from everyone, including her daughter she told the Today Show but after revealing her secret asked her daughter what she would do, “I told her what would you tell your daughter, my granddaughter, if she ever came to her and said, ‘Hey, mom, I have been drugged.’ What would you do? And she said ‘Mom, you are doing the right thing. I support you. I love you.'”

She explained that she felt she should not take on Cosby during the height of his career. “At the time I felt that it would hurt my career. Most certainly he was a very powerful man.”

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