Blake Livley on the cover of Marie Claire

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Blake Lively has some interesting stories to tell like starting school at 3 years old (That’s funny one). I love Gossip Girl and Serena is my favorite. I think that Blake Lively is on her way to a great acting career!

One of the remarkable things about you is your ability to imagine yourself in situations that are much bleaker than what you’ve experienced in your own life.
As a character, I get to be this wild, outgoing person that I’m so not. I think it all comes from being the youngest of five. I was always observing my siblings and hearing stories about their lives that turned out to be helpful as an actress.

Do you think of yourself as Southern, even though you grew up in L.A.? I think there’s a Southern girl lurking in you.
I grew up in L.A., but I was the only one in my family born there. I have a tight-knit Southern family, so whenever I tell people I’m from L.A., they say, “Yeah, but you don’t count,” I guess because of the Southern values I was raised with, and the way I eat—the more sugary and cheesy and fried, the better.

Did you ever study acting?
Well, my parents taught an acting class when I was growing up, and because I never had a babysitter, I would end up at them. When I got older, I knew all the drills so well that I felt fine getting up on stage. Without them, I’d still probably be hiding under my mom’s skirt.

You went to 13 different schools growing up?
I did. When I was only 3 years old, my mom enrolled me in the first grade. My older brother was supposed to start school, but he didn’t want to go alone, so my mom told them I was 6 since I was so tall. But after a few weeks, they said they would have to put me in mentally disabled classes because I wasn’t up to pace with the rest of the kids. They thought that I was slow because all I wanted to do was sleep while the other kids were doing their projects. [laughs] So my mom took me out of school.

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