Blow-drying Brushes

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There are a lot of brushes on the market. My favorite brush for blow drying my hair is a medium boar bristle brush. I don’t know the brand because use the brush so much that eh letters have rubbed off.  There are a few different blow-drying brushes you can use: the round brush, a paddle brush and the vent brush.

According to Lucky Magazine (May 2009), there are 3 perfect blow-dry brushes

Short Hair: A round brush creates tensions at the roots for fullness and direction. It’ll smooth your style or make loose curls.

Bob to mid-length: Use a medium-size vent brush to speed up blow-drying time and boost volume. Finish the top layers by pulling hair taut or bending it under with a few quick strokes.

Long hair: A paddle brush delivers the silkiest, pin-straight blowout. The larger the head and tightly packed bristles hold more hair, so you can sleekify whole sections at once.

Personally, I have tried the paddle brush and the round brush and my favorite is the medium round brush (like the Swissco Pro Round Boar Bristle Hairbrush in the photo above, because it gives me the smoothest result. The paddle brush would probably work for someone with wavy to straight hair. Which is your favorite blow-dry brush?

Source: Lucky Magazine

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