Brian Austin Green Asked About Megan Fox Pregnancy Rumors…

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Last week Megan Fox was out promoting The Sharper Image, she’s the spokesperson and one interviewer from ET, Steve Jones (yes, he used to host The X Factor) had the guts to drop the pregnancy question and he was shut down by her publicist…ohh snap! But he probably was told not to ask that so… but Steve’s rebuttal was kinda funny! “I’d like to formerly apologize to Ms. Fox for attacking her with the word baby. Thankfully, there was a publicist there to stop me.”

Now to her hubby…Brian Austin Green as asked the same thing and neither confirmed nor denied anything! “They’ve been saying that every three months ever since we got married, and it’s sort of one of those things that they love to say,”  Brian told PEOPLE Sunday at the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience in L.A.

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