Bristol Palin Throws Tantrum During ‘Dancing’ Reherseal

Bristol Palin was not too thrilled with her score on Dancing with the Stars last week and she brought that into her rehearsal later that week. “I know you are bummed to have me as a partner,” Palin told Mark Ballas. He replied, “I have been on the show 11 seasons now and I don’t always have a Shawn [Johnson] or a Sabrina [Bryan]. I have always supported you and been at your side.”Pa lin continued, “You are not even there. You didn’t turn up to rehearsal! I feel like you want to go home.” Palin then stormed out if rehearsals.

But all is well with Palin and her partner, Ballas. “We’re fine. We’ve danced together before. This isn’t our first season together. The last season we did together, we didn’t argue once – nothing, we were just chill. So the fact that we’ve made it through a season and a quarter and this is now our first fight is amazing,” Ballas told reporters after Monday’s night’s show.

“We love each other. Sometimes people piss each other off. We’ve swept it under the rug and carried on. We had a rough day out of many, many, many days that we’ve spent together,” Ballas added.