Britney Spears Releases Unretouched Candies Photos…Thoughts?

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Britney Spears- Candies

I think that Britney is brave to release her non photoshopped images. So many people get their images photoshopped or touched up that we think Celebs don’t have flaws…when they do. Go Brit Brit…

Britney Spears-Candies 2

You can see in the photos that they slimmed Britney a little, made her booty smaller and changed her skin coloring a bit. Its not too bad…I have seen pics where the persons head doesn’t even look like it belongs on their body.

What do you think of the photos Brit has released?

Kendra Wilkinson commented on Britney’s photos,

Kendra Wilkinson says she “really loves” that Britney Spears released pre-Photoshop pics from her old Candie’s shoot.

“I might do that too hahahahaha..scary!!!” she Twittered Thursday.

The E! reality star, 24, then added: “On my show, i show the untouched all the time..i love bein real n showin my flaws.”

Photos from Daily Mirror

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