Brooke Burke New Co-Host of DWTS

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Brooke Burke will be the new co-host of “Dancing with the Stars”. How nice for he!. I thinks she will be a great co-host plus she is beautiful and friendly and a past winner so she knows what it is like to be on the show.

Today is one of the most exciting days ever!!! With the exception of my family and children, today tops the list of all my professional endeavors!!! I was sworn to secrecy until the GMA announcement and the ABC press release went out. So now that it’s public… I am thrilled beyond words to have landed the Co-Host gig for Dancing with The Stars!

I know what it’s like to step out there on the dance floor, on a whim and a prayer, trying to pull off the impossible. Sort of like motherhood right? I’ll see you there March 22nd. This time a LOT less stressed!

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