Buffy the Dry Skin Slayer

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So I finally stopped by a Lush store (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) in NYC and picked up Buffy ( I will call it “The Exfoliator”). Oh glorious Buffy. So, I know it has a cult following, but I don’t always listen to that stuff…even though I should. Anyways, last week I stepped into the shower with Buffy in hand. I rubbed Buffy all over  and then rinsed off and it exfoliated my skin like a dream (Buffy uses ground up almonds) plus, Buffy’s fragrance is a soft lavender ( relaxing). All I can say is ummm yummy! I try not to leave Buffy under the shower water because I don’t want the product to be wasted away going down the drain without exfoliating first.

I would recommend using Buffy in a circular motion like you would any other cleanser. I don’t use it every day, but it’s very gentle on the skin. Buffy leaves the skin with a Cocoa and Shea butter layer on the skin that lasts at least the entire day (but be careful in your shower or tub, you don’t want to slip and fall).

Price: $10.75 for 3.3oz

$21.35 for 7.0 oz

Photo from Lush

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