Camilla Alves Talks About Engagement To Matthew McConaughey!

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Camilla Alves, model/designer/fiancee to Matthew McConaughey talks about her new handbag line, family and her engagement to Matthew. Camilla will be debuted her bag collection, MUXO by Camila Alves on QVC, which is a  a collaboration with her mother, Fatima. Camilla tells the Huffington Post, “My mother and I have been designing handbags for over eight years now. My mom has three degrees in design and she’s been doing it for over 30 years. I grew up watching her doing this. I’m not talking bad about anybody – and there’s nothing wrong with this – but a lot of people these days grab a product that they see and then grab another product and they send both to the designer and go, “can we mix it together and come up with something?” Then they put their name on it. With us, it’s a completely different process. We create the handbags from scratch. That’s why we have such a unique product. When asked about  Matthew and how supportive is he with her handbag line, “Yeah, very much so! We have a family out there, we share projects and work that we do and ask each other for opinions. It’s really like a family affair.” So of course the topic went to  her enagagement to Matthew and their wedding, “Not yet. I’ve been busy with the handbags and he’s been really busy with work, too. I just really love being engaged right now. It was a big surprise and it’s fun to be able to say “my husband to be” and being a “wife to be.” Being engaged is absolutely a time to cherish!”

Aww Camilla seems sweet!

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