Celeb Hacker Says He Was Addicted To Spying!

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We all love celebrities and love inside information on them, but spying, wiretapping and releasing nude photos of the celebs was just too much! Christopher Chaney, the celebrity hacker says he sold no photos or emails, but someone else got a hold of the emails. Chaney admited that he hacked into up to 50 celeb accounts, but he was a little relieved when the FBI came knocking!

This is what Christopher had to say…

“I deeply apologize, I know what I did and that it was wrong. I just have to face that and deal with it and go forward.”

“It started as curiousity and it turned into being addicted to seeing behind the scenes of what was going on with these people that you see on the big screen every day,” said Chaney.

When asked what he did with what he found, he replied, “Nothing, it was almost like reading a completely uncensored blog. I wasn’t saving archives of e-mails to maybe blackmail someone.”

Via Radaronline

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