Celebs Scammed Out Of Thousands By Salon!

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Holy Cow…how did all these celebs get dupped by this salon owner! Well basically a celeb like Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Melanie Griffith and Cher would go to this salon and have legitimate services done and then pay for them…but later would have additional charges added to the credit card without authorization…messed up right! Talk about Fraud and Greed! That’s why with some places I would rather pay cash!!!

According to RadarOnline,

Maria Gabriella Perez, the owner of Beverly Hills beauty salon Chez Gabriela Studio, will appear in Federal Court Thursday, one day after being arested for allegedly stealing credit card information from her star-studded clients, and charging almost $300,000 to their cards illegally, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Melanie Griffith, Cher and jewelry designer Loree Rodkin were among the people Perez gathered information on, according to investigators, who added that the scam occurred when the credit card numbers were both electronically “skimmed” and entered manually.

Rodkin told investigators “she had spoken with several other high-profile victims who stated that, after legitimately paying for services at the studio, charges from the studio would appear on their credit cards without authorization.”

Rodkin’s card was illegally charged to the tune of $68,000, while Tyler’s cards were racked up with $214,000 in fraudulent charges in 2009 from the salon, investigators said.

Perez, 51, was arrested Wednesday by Secret Service agents at her business. She faces two counts of fraud that carries a maximum prison sentence of 25 years if she is convicted.

Her attorney, Jerod Gunsberg, said his client will be exonerated of all the charges.

Jennifer Aniston did realize something was up...5 years ago

“We had a situation that was not cool,” Aniston said. “So I stopped going to her. Paid her the money and left.

“I knew something like this would eventually happen.”

How the F**k did Liv Tyler have over $200K stolen from her…that’s just ridiculous!

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