Charlie Sheen Wants To Add Mila Kunis To His Goddess Lineup!

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Charlie Sheen thinks he is the ultimate stud and he has his eye on Mila Kunis. At his tour stop in Ohio he threw it out there that he would love to add Mila to hi goddess lineup! He is hilarious!!!

“Here’s the good news – my goddesses have already f**king approved her. She’s pre-approved!” Sheen said. “I would have great tolerance for many missing items provided it involves Mila f**king Kunis: If Mila Kunis is stealing your s**t , trust me, you’re still f**king winning, you’re still winning at that moment.

“I’m going to go on her Facebook page and discover her likes… I’m going to buy them all and then she can come steal them. A super f**king hot thief named Mila Kunis. Mila, please, we we have a warehouse full of your favorite s**t to steal.”

Do you think Mila would think Charlie is funny or disrespectful?


Photo from PR Photos

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