Charlie Sheen’s Chicago Tour Stop Better Than Detroit!

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Charlie Sheen was booed at his first tour stop in Detroit so at least its looking up for Charlie. He did a little better in Chicago…no booing or walking out!

According to People,

The crowd was a lot more welcoming than the disastrous Detroit show the night before. This time, only a handful of people walked out of the 3,600-seat Chicago Theatre, which was about three-quarters full, and few if any shouts of “refund!” could be heard.

And, as Sheen himself Tweeted: “TOOK ONE NIGHT BUT HE IS #winning. Yet again.”

Though by no means an overwhelming success, the performance was quite a turnaround from the kickoff show in the Motor City, which critics widely panned and the crowd met with boos, shouts of “refund” and mass walk-outs.

Chicago’s version of Sheen’s show differed from the free-for-all in Detroit in that it assumed a talk-show format, with Sheen and a friend of his onstage. The two sat in chairs, with their image beamed behind them onto a larger screen. There was no opening act, video clips or music as in the inaugural show, which Sheen later termed “an experiment.”

In fact, perhaps in an effort to head off another disaster, Sheen implored the crowd “not to become [expletive] Detroit tonight. Let’s show Detroit how it’s [expletive] done,” and acknowledged the prior show was “a horror.”

In response, some in the Chicago group started a “Detroit sucks” chant.

I really don’t know what people expect from Charlie…you are getting crazy, erratic and humorous behavior…I thought that was what the show was all about!!!

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