Check Out Lady Gaga’s 30 minute workout!

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LG on Cosmo

Lady Gaga’s trainer has revealed what Gaga does to get her body. I have noticed that in the course of teh past year Gaga has gotten much thinner than her Just Dance days.

According to InTouch,

“Lady Gaga has always been active, but about a year ago, she decided she wanted to have the best abs, legs and arms ever, so she stepped up her workouts,” her trainer and author of The 5-Factor World Diet Harley Pasternak ( tells In Touch. But surprisingly Pasternak reveals Gaga got into the best shape of her life just by exercising 30 minutes four to five times a week! “We do a cardio warm-up and various body strength exercises and ab work,” he says. “Like most stars she doesn’t have a ton of time, so when she is with me she stays focused and never complains no matter how hard I push her.”

And when the pair can’t train together, Gaga actually travels with a Harley Bar— a barbell dumbbell combination tool— so she can squeeze in a workout even in her hotel room. Pasternak adds the superstar is an amazing cook and follows the 5-Factor World Diet which combines healthy dishes from all different countries. “Now she is super confident about her body and comfortable wearing everything and anything,” he tells In Touch.

Photo from Cosmopolitan

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