Chelsea Handler Adopts a New Puppy!

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Aww, how sweet funny lady Chelsea Handler added a new member to her family…she adopted a new puppy, Gary. Gary will join Chelsea’s other dog, Chunk! Chelsea ditched her old guy for “My new guy!!!!” And it looks like her old dog is not too fond his little brother…”Chunk hates his new little brother Gary. Gary loves Chunk. Chunk is hanging on by a thread.”

“This weekend I added a new member to my effed-up family, a 10-week-old Bernese mountain dog,” she announced on Chelsea Lately Monday. “Then I added another member when I forced my assistant to move in with me because apparently I don’t know how to raise a 10-week-old Bernese mountain dog.”

“After much deliberation, I have settled on my new son’s name: Gary,” Handler added. “It’s a fitting name: he’s little and black like GaryColeman, he has smelly fur like [comedian] Gary Valentine, and as I learned this weekend, he sh-ts on the floor like Gary Busey.”

All kidding aside, the recently single author said she was excited about having another dog in the house.

“Between my brother Roy, my lesbian [friend], my dog Chunk and whatever depressed staff member passes out on my sofa over the weekend, you’d think I have my hands full,” Handler joked. “Just like my ample breasts, I prefer more than a handful.”

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