Chelsea Handler Slams Leah Remini’s Dance Moves!

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Poor Leah Remini…Chelsea Handler slammed her dance moves…to her face! But Leah is one tough cookie giving it right back to Chelsea on her show last night! Leah stopped by Chelsea Handler and talked about her new stint on Dancing with the Stars.

“You’re beautiful! I love you! And now you’re on Dancing With the Stars and you can’t dance,” Chelsea told Leah. “You can dance. You’ve been rehearsing. You couldn’t dance before the show. I know this because we dance for each other. Remember? I said, ‘You can’t be worse than me,’ and then you showed me and I said, ‘Oh, you might be.’ But you were good on the show. You were really, really good on the show.” Leah shot back,  “I’m not a dancer, okay? You’re not supposed to be a dancer. “That’s the whole show, I thought.”

Chelsea added,  “Aren’t you best friends with J.Lo. Can’t she help you?” Leah hilariously answer, “So she goes, ‘Okay, Leah, do this,’ and I’m supposed to be able to do it?'” “Yeah,” Handler answered. “She does it. Why can’t you?”…”Because she’s a dancer, dummy! What don’t you get about this? Oh my god, I can’t believe we even talk about this.” Remini dished back.

Leah’s great…I still watch King of Queens.

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