Cheryl Cole Coming Back to ‘X Factor’ After All!

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What a turn of events, it looks like Cheryl Cole will take her post as an X Factor judge after all  according to UK’s News of the World.

Well it seems as though Simon Cowell fought for Cole’s return

The British singing sensation is back on the judging panel after the show’s creator Simon Cowell fought for her return.

Cole was reportedly sacked by Fox executives because of her strong accent and lack of chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul numerous media outlets reported but no official statement was ever made regarding her dismissal.

Now it appears the 27-year-old Girls Aloudsinger will get her chance to break into America after all, the newspaper reports, saying it was Cowell who convinced network executives they made a mistake in dumping her.

Do you really think Cheryl was originally dumped because she has a thick accent and didn’t have chemistry with Paula?

Photo from Fox

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